Pattaya Festival & Events: 3 Popular Annual Celebrations

Pre-Plan Your Future Holiday! Here are 3 Popular Pattaya Festivals

Thailand is known for its colourful cultures, which is why it is one of most popular tourism destinations visited by many from countries worldwide. Additionally, Pattaya on its own is well-known as a favourite tourist go-to spot mostly because of its pristine beaches and nightlife scene.

Besides that, Thailand is also known for its various festivals including the famous full moon party. However, here are three other Pattaya Festivals that happen annually.

1. Pattaya New Year Countdown

New years is one of the best festivities that is celebrated worldwide. In fact, it is considered a big Pattaya event as the countdown is a renowned spectacle that many look forward to yearly. The annual Pattaya countdown is usually celebrated at Bali Hai Pier where merchants line up to sell delicious food, souvenir and crafts. The three-day event features Thai and international artists who are invited to perform as people dance the night away. On new year’s eve, the countdown will also be televised for those at home who want to witness the excitement, especially the amazing fireworks.

2. Loy Krathong, Festival of Light

Marked by the appearance of the full moon, Loy Krathong is usually held in November. The Siamese festival is celebrated every year in Thailand where Thais make buoyant, floating lanterns or decorated baskets to float them in the waters - these are also known as offerings to thank the Goddess of Water. The festival usually takes place at Pattaya’s Beach Road, and is a sight to witness as when the offerings float away, the romantic lantern lights shine their paths beautifully along the water way.

3. Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival

An annual festival, the Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival brings a host of activities for travellers and families alike. This three-day Pattaya event presents a music and arts celebration that combines Asian, as well as Western cultures. Party goers can dance it out with renowned musical performances on stages that resemble art pieces, while various workshops are held for both adults and children! To top it off, the festival also brings award-winning chefs and mixologists, as many stick to the eco-friendly theme with healthy organic ingredients. This festival usually takes place year-end around November or December.

Plan your trip to Pattaya

Pattaya brings so much excitement for travellers with the many celebrations, popular bar spots, activities and more. While we understand that the current times may not be the best for travelling, it’s also great to pre-plan your future holidays to have something to look forward to - so, it is great to know what Pattaya festivals and Pattaya events take place regularly!

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