Cookies Usage Policy

Cookies Usage Policy

In order to give users an optimum online experience, our website uses cookies.

A cookie is a small amount of web-browsing data sent from a website and stored on your computer or mobile device, which can later be accessed by that website. Cookies allow the website to access browsing information in order to:

  1. Give you a more seamless web experience by remembering the settings you have entered, such as your preferred language and username.
  2. Give you access to all of a site’s features by letting the site know what type of device, browser, operating system, monitor, etc. you are using. These technical cookies do not identify you.
  3. Help a website improve its performance by recording a user’s experience. These technical cookies do not identify you.
  4. Make it easy for you to share a website’s content on your favourite social media sites. These cookies come from your social networks through features such as “Like”, “Tweet” and “Share” buttons. Even when you do not click on such a button, your social network might identify you through these cookies if you are already signed in to the social network on your computer or device. Please check your social networks’ privacy policies to see if and how they collect and use this data, and if and how you can adjust your privacy settings to adjust the collection and use of this data.
  5. Serve you ads that relate to your interests, and to limit the frequency with which ads appear during your web visit.
  6. Allow third-party affiliates who market a website to be paid for sending users to that website.

Our websites use some of the above cookies in a variety of ways, such as by allowing us to:

  1. Optimise the size and orientation of our websites’ layout for your specific display, operating system and device.
  2. Provide content in your preferred language.
  3. Automatically fill in log-ins or forms by remembering some of the information you filled in during a previous visit.
  4. Personalise your visit by remembering some of the information you filled in during a previous visit.
  5. Enhance security on our websites.
  6. Analyse how you navigate our sites and how many times you visit our websites’ pages so that we can improve your experience.

Please note:

You might see links to third-party websites on our website. If you click on these links, third parties might collect some of your personal details. Our Cookies Policy does not apply to third-party sites accessed through our websites. We hold no responsibilities for how third-party websites you visit might use your personal information.

If you would like to adjust how your computer uses cookies on our websites, you can adjust the settings of your Internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Explorer, Opera, etc.). Please visit their instructions if you would like to manage your settings, which can be adjusted to:

  1. Block all cookies. This will affect your browsing experience and may limit the functionality of the websites you visit. We cannot be held responsible for any resulting losses of functionality or efficiency when visiting our site with the cookies disabled.
  2. Accept all of the cookies built into the pages on websites you visit. This allows only the website whose cookie you downloaded to read the data from that specific cookie. You may be able to subsequently disable these cookies.
  3. Block cookies from some websites while accepting cookies from others. You can choose which websites to block/enable.
  4. Ask for your permission each time a website would like to send a cookie to your computer or device.

For more information on how to adjust the cookie settings, please visit the instructions for your browser: